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How to Make Weakness Potion in World of Warcraft

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If you’re wondering how to make Weakness Potion, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the steps and give you the tools you need to get started. This potion reduces attack damage by 0.5 for one minute and thirty seconds. It can also be turned into a splash potion that reduces attack damage by 0.5 for another mob.


Gunpowder is a key ingredient in a Potion of Weakness. It makes it possible to make the potion splashy. The splash potions are similar to the regular weakness potion, but they have different effects. First of all, they don’t last as long as the normal version, but they still apply the same debuff.

There are several ways to get Gunpowder. One way is to kill Creepers. They can drop anywhere from 0 to 2 Gunpowder, but they can be tricky to kill at range. Another way is to slay Creepers and make their ashes explode.

After gathering the ingredients, you can begin brewing a Potion of Weakness. It’s easy and fast to make. You need two different types of powder: Fermented Spider Eye and Blazing Powder. These two ingredients reduce the damage of melee attacks by 0.5 for about 1:30. You can use this potion to fight enemies or advance in the game.

When combined with a Potion of Weakness, you can make a Splash Potion of Weakness. This potion will instantly cure zombie villagers, but you’ll need to gather a few hard-to-find items. The ingredients you’ll need include Blaze Powder, Gunpowder, 3 Water Bottles, Fermented Spider Eye, Gunpowder, and a Brewing Stand.

The Splash Potion of Weakness is a consumable in Minecraft. You can make it by gathering drops from common enemies. You’ll also need a Splash Water Bottle. You can use this water bottle to make a Potion of Weakness by infusing it with gunpowder.

A Potion of Weakness is not a very useful item, but it’s an essential ingredient for crafting more useful items. It’s useful to keep on hand if you’re fighting the Enderman or Iron Golem. You can also make a Fermented Spider Eye by gathering Brown Mushroom, Sugarcane, and Honey Bottle.

Nether wart

A weakness potion is a valuable item to have in survival mode. It helps you stay undetected by monsters. To make one, you need a bottle of water, a Nether Wart, and a golden carrot. Golden carrots can be found at village farms or in shipwreck chests. These ingredients are easy to find and can make a very useful potion.

The Nether Wart can be found in Nether Fortresses or Bastian Remnants. If you have one of these plants, you can take soul sand from the overworld and place it on the wart. This will make a weakness potion. It has no effect when drunk, but you can add additional ingredients to make it more effective. You can then place it into your brewing stand. You can add one or two ingredients at a time, modifying the others.

If you want to make a weakness potion for nether wart, you can add a small amount of it to a bottle of water. You can also add some sugar from a Sugar Cane plant. This potion works best against enemies. It can also make strong enemies weak.

After you have the ingredients for the potion, you can start making it. Firstly, you need a glass bottle. Ideally, three bottles will be good. In addition to the bottle, you will also need a cauldron. The cauldron must have water.

In addition to making a Potion of Weakness, you can also make a Splash Potion. This is a potion that makes enemies weak to your attack. It is an easy potion to make and is also useful when drunk, but is less effective when you need to make it on your own.

Firstly, you will need to collect the ingredients for your potion. This will require a trip to the Nether. Afterward, you’ll need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine Obsidian, flint and tinder to activate your Nether Portal, and a Nether Wart. These items can be found in fortresses. You can also start a simple nether wart farm by using Soul Sand blocks.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to make your Potion of Weakness. You can use it on the wart or use it on your village. This is a powerful item that makes your opponents weaker. It also helps you get over your difficult bosses and enemies.

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