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How to Record Screen and Audio on Your Mac

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If you’re wondering how to record screen and audio on your Mac, there are a few different ways you can accomplish this. You can use one of the built-in tools or download one of the many productivity apps that are available for download. These include Camtasia, OBS Studio, ShareX, Roxio, and more.


If you need to create a screencast, you can use Camtasia to record audio and screen from your computer. This software comes with a number of features, including editing the video. You can use the video editing tools to improve the video or start over. The software also includes smart-focus capabilities that will record the active part of your screen. The video editor also allows you to add zoom to your media.

This program is free to download and can be used on a Windows or Mac computer. The software comes with a variety of recording options, and you can easily customize what you want to record. The default recording area is your screen, and you can also select audio from your webcam and system audio. You can also choose which input to record from a dropdown menu.

One of the main advantages of Camtasia is its built-in video editing tools. There are templates for creating screen movies, and you can add audio clips and annotations to your recordings. The software also includes a built-in library of music and sound effects. You can also upload audio clips and insert video transitions, animations, and custom quizzes. You can even share your videos with other people using the built-in sharing features.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio can be used to record audio and screen content in different formats. It can be downloaded from the Internet and installed. Once installed, you can launch it to begin recording. You can also choose which video format you would like to record. By default, OBS Studio records to FLV. You can also choose MP4 if you prefer. However, you should know that if you choose this format, you will risk losing the entire recording if you encounter a power outage.

Besides recording audio and screen, OBS Studio also allows you to record voice. It has an auto-configuration wizard that will help you optimize the recording and streaming. You can choose the resolution and FPS of your recording, and the program will run a test to see which settings are best for your video.

Once you’ve completed recording audio and screen, you’ll have to choose where to save your recording. OBS Studio has a file destination area that lets you choose where you want to save the video. You can save the recording to a CD, a network drive, or a folder on your PC. You can also use OBS to record online meetings and classes.


ShareX allows you to record screen and audio from your computer. The software has a wide range of settings to meet your recording needs, including the ability to edit screenshots before sharing them. The screen recording video is saved in MP4 format, but you can modify it to suit your needs. You can also select various audio and video bitrates and presets. There are additional granular settings you can use, which you can access by right-clicking on the ShareX icon in the system tray.

The ShareX screen recorder runs on Windows computers and is free to download. This software allows you to capture audio and screen videos using a microphone. When you start recording, the software displays the audio source, which is by default “none”. Once you choose the audio source, the program will record the audio.

You can set a start delay for the recording by clicking on the start delay option. This will give you enough time to move the mouse cursor to the recording area. In addition, you can configure the output format of the recording with the FFmpeg format. You can also change the FPS (frames per second) of the recording. A setting of 20 frames per second is recommended for desktop recordings. You can also set a hotkey to stop the recording or set a fixed duration for the recording.


Using Roxio, you can record audio and screen video from various video and audio sources. The software also allows you to edit and customize your recordings with a variety of options. For example, you can easily adjust the video quality or adjust the fade-in and out time. You can also trim or rewind videos.

Roxio is a complete multimedia suite that includes more than 20 applications. It also includes powerful editing and burning features. It lets you add effects, subtitles, and credits to your video files. It also offers built-in preset effects and conversions to make your videos and films look great. You can even export them to DVDs or 3D discs.

Roxio includes a capture card with which you can record screen and audio. The software can also be used to record game sound and audio. It comes with cables to plug into your TV. The software has two interfaces: the Classic View and Icon View. You can easily navigate between them. The Playback tab lets you set the time and length of your recordings. You can also mute or unmute audio tracks using the mute/unmute buttons.

The Roxio allows you to record screen and sound using an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. The software also allows you to add annotations and captions to your video recordings. It comes with a free 30-day trial.


If you want to record screen and audio, Setapp is a good option. It is an online screen recording software that lets you capture desktop operations and web applications. It is easy to use and free, and there are no time limits or watermarks. It automatically saves the recorded footage in MP4 format. Moreover, it has advanced video editing features. This is a great tool for people who want to create a professional marketing video.

It also has a number of additional features, like real-time drawing, which allows you to add annotations to the videos or screenshots. It also has a scheduler, which allows you to capture streams remotely. In addition, you can also add logos and GIFs to the videos.

You can also use the screenshot utility in macOS. It is also possible to record audio using QuickTime Player. All of these tools are integrated into Setapp, and you can use any of them. If you need to record screen and audio on Mac, you can use the built-in tools or download Setapp.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a powerful screen recording application that enables you to record audio and screen with ease. It has powerful editing tools that will help you create professional-looking recordings. This screen recording tool is perfect for online tutors and content creators. It is available for free with some limitations, but you can get a watermark-free version for $6.99 a month. It is one of the most powerful screen recording tools available today.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. It supports screen recording up to 120 frames per second without lagging. It can record screen and audio simultaneously, including your webcam. It also features customizable recording settings and a scheduler. It also supports dual monitors, so you can capture the entire screen and audio.

Wondershare DemoCreator is also a powerful video editing application. You can edit and customize your video according to your needs, and you can add special effects, such as custom backgrounds and animated characters. The program also supports audio editing, video export, and sharing.

Apple Music

You can record audio and screen on Apple Music. The process is simple. Open the Apple Music app, and select the screen recording option from the Control Center. Click the Record button, and you will see a red bar appear on the screen. When finished, select Stop to stop recording. The recording will be saved to your device.

Once the recording is complete, you can then export the recording to a file and save it. This method works on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Sonos speakers. You can also record Apple Music on Mac using a free application, like Audacity. You can also record the audio and screen on Apple Music using the free screen recorder in the app.

Audacity is a free, cross-platform audio recorder that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. It can record live audio, digitize audio files from any source, and record multiple tracks with the same quality. You can export the audio file to MP3, AAC, or other audio formats. Audacity also allows you to edit recorded audio files.

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