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How to Screen Record on Laptop

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To record the screen on your laptop, you need to have some software installed. This article will discuss how to use Free Cam and Windows 10 Game Bar to record videos on your laptop. You will also learn how to use Camtasia, CamStudio, and CamStudio. Once you have installed any of the software, you should be able to record your screen. Once you’ve finished recording, you’ll have the video of your computer screen as an MP4 file.

Free Cam

The free screen recorder for laptop offers a variety of features. It records your screen and captures audio. You can even record a webcam if you have one. A free version of a screen recorder for laptop may not have the features you need, while the paid version offers a number of extras. You can even schedule recordings or record live streams remotely. There are some key differences between free and paid versions.

Bandicam – This free screen recording software allows you to capture anything on your laptop or desktop, which can then be used for recording video tutorials. It also includes features for audio recording, webcam overlay, real-time drawing, and schedule recording. Other features of this screen recorder include support for Android and Windows and can record flash games, streaming videos, and Skype calls. You can also record audio from apps such as YouTube, Zoom, and TikTok.

Free Cam – This free screen recorder for laptop is one of the simplest and most functional of the available options. It records audio from your computer and an external microphone. Another free screen recorder for laptop, Icecream Screen Recorder, lets you select specific parts of your screen, add a watermark, and record using your webcam. If you’re unsure of which screen recorder to download, you can also read the user reviews on the website.

Windows 10 Game Bar

If you want to record what’s happening on your Windows 10 gaming PC, you can do so with the Game Bar. This overlay displays widgets such as Capture, Audio, Performance, Xbox Social, and keyboard shortcuts. In addition, you can use it to record your voice and add audio and video effects. However, there are some restrictions. This feature is not compatible with applications other than Xbox and Windows File Explorer.

The Microsoft Store is one place where you can download the Game Bar. You can access it from the Start menu or from the Settings app. Look for the Gaming tab. You can then customize keyboard shortcuts to control the screen recording. It’s recommended that you restart your PC after recording. Once you have installed the Game Bar, you can now record your screen with the Game Bar. But remember to save your video file in a folder named ‘Game Bar’, not ‘Current window’.

After launching the Game Bar, you can choose the recording options you’d like to record. Make sure to minimize the volume and mute specific apps. Click Record to start recording. You can also press Win + Alt + R to start the recording. Once you’ve selected your recording settings, you can now save the recording to a folder. This way, you can use the screen recording tool to capture all the action on your game bar.


One of the best ways to capture video from your computer is to use a screen recording program such as CamStudio. This free, open-source software allows you to capture the entire screen, a specific window, or a region. You can also add text to the video and customize its quality. CamStudio also features a built-in codec, which produces high-quality videos that require very little bandwidth.

CamStudio allows you to record your screen in various resolutions, and it features an advanced lossless codec that produces high-quality results at small file sizes. This means that your files will not take up a lot of disk space. You can record your full screen or a specific region of the screen, as well as your webcam. You can also edit the recording’s quality, which is handy for emails. You can use CamStudio to create your videos from any Windows computer, Mac, or even a tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, you’ll need to select the video quality you want to record and select your audio input source. You can also use your computer’s microphone to add captions to the video. Once you’ve set up your recording options, you’re ready to start screen recording. And once your recording is finished, you’ll have a screen recording of your entire computer.


If you have a Mac, you can use the free Camtasia software to record your screen. It’s a handy application that allows you to capture and edit video from your screen. Camtasia is a simple, intuitive program and is compatible with three browsers. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and you can quickly get started recording your screen. Below are some tips to make your screen recordings look great.

o The software comes with a full-featured video editor and rendering module. It also has tons of pre-made video templates. This makes it easy to insert and remove videos, trim and sync audio. You can also save your video and share it with others. To get started recording your screen, simply click the Start button and follow the steps on the interface. You will be prompted to save or share your video.

o Choose your recording program: The built-in screen recorder limits you to recording only. You’ll need extra software to edit the video. But with Camtasia, you can also add music and audio tracks after recording. It’s simple and easy to use and can help you create professional-quality screen recordings for presentations and online training. If you’re not sure whether Camtasia is right for you, consider purchasing a paid version of the software.

Camtasia Studio

Once you’ve installed Camtasia Studio on your laptop, you can begin recording. Start by selecting File>Record. You’ll then be prompted to choose where you want to save your video, and how long you want to record it for. You can also label your files so that you can organize them better later. After recording your screen, you can edit the video as you see fit. You can also add a title and description to each segment of the video to make it easier for others to find it.

Alternatively, you can use a free screen recorder, such as Screencastify, which is a browser extension for Chrome that allows you to capture your screen. Screencastify lets you record video in a variety of formats and provides customizable window size options. The recorded video is stored in the user/videos folder, but you can change this to suit your needs. You can even edit the recording quality by adjusting the quality settings.

Apart from screen recording, Camtasia offers editing tools, such as overlays, text, and audio. The app can be used for video tutorials and e-learning courses. Its interface is easy to use and it lets you create videos with various effects, including animations. You can even include webcam feeds and add annotations to your videos. It also allows you to zoom in on specific parts of the screen to demonstrate specific sections of a lesson.

OBS Studio

If you have a Mac or Windows laptop, you can record your screen using OBS Studio. You can record a single display or several displays. Once you have done this, you can edit the settings in the video tab to adjust the quality and speed. The video will be saved in your computer’s user/videos folder. You can also give it a nickname. When recording, you should choose a name and save the file in an flv format.

First, open the screen capture program. Double-click on the exe file and select the option that you want to capture. Select whether to record the current window or the entire screen. If you want to record only a specific area of the screen, you can also choose a region. When you are recording, you will see red cross hairs and a pause and stop button. To begin the recording, press the Start Recording button.

If you’d prefer to record your screen on your laptop, you can use the same method as described above. Once you’ve installed OBS Studio, you’ll want to select a video capture device. You’ll want to connect your phone’s video camera to OBS Studio. An iPhone will need a lightning cable, while Android devices will use whichever connector they’re using. After that, you’ll need to select a screen capture device, which will open in OBS. Choose “Create New” if you’d like to use an external device.

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